Saturday, June 1, 2013

Celebrations all over : )

Hey everyone,

Well, it is officially June 1st, 2013 and we just played our first regular season home game v. the Atlanta Dream last night. Just like every other game, I couldn't sleep so I started writing my blog on how I'm feeling, and how amazing last night was.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind (in a good way) between on the court stuff, Catch the Stars Foundation events, community events AND GETTING MY OWN TAMIKA CATCHINGS COURT. We'll have pictures posted up on the website for you to check out soon. With so many things happening, we have to stay focused on one thing at a time : )

Well, yesterday I found myself trying to figure out a way NOT to be excited LOL. I don't play good when I'm over the top excited so imagine me trying to go about a day without thinking about what it stands for. Whewwwww it was hard!! We had to get to the gym earlier than normal because of all the festivities taking place before the game, but it was all worth it!!

When the buzzer sounded for us to begin the ceremony, my heart was racing super fast. Walking over to the corner and looking out at all of the fans there to support us, I was just so happy that this was FINALLY happening!! I swear when the video started playing and Chris Denari started talking and introducing everyone one at a time, it seemed like everything started playing in slow motion. I remember putting one foot in front of the other, but I swear the tears were right there in the corner of my eye. Looking at Laurel Richie (our WNBA president) with her glossy eyes, I told her "you better not start crying" hahaha. We all know it only takes one person crying to get the party started. The rings are absolutely amazing and seeing the banner raised was something super surreal.

Next up... game time! We started off, but simmered down in the 3rd quarter and just couldn't get it back going. I don't know if it was the energy from the whole night, or just lack of concentration, or what, but we couldn't pull it together. Even the lost can't put a damper on how I feel right now. My family is in town, TSB was back in the house, and we got the ring, ceremony, parade and all in the last week. God is so good!!

Finished the night at California Pizza Kitchen for our Catch the Stars Ring Ceremony party. IT WAS AWESOME!! We limited it to the first 100 people to have more of an intimate setting, and I'm so glad that we did. What an awesome time to meet a lot of our out of town supporters (Fever & CTSF), eat good food, and just be able to show people the ring!! Thanks to everyone who came out and made it an amazing night. I hope that you had as much fun as I did : )
CPK Staff that stayed Over Time to make the celebration a huge success! Thank YOU!
So, I'm still sitting here amazed at my last 24 hours, but thankful that it's behind us now. 2012 has OFFICIALLY been celebrated, and we are moving forward to 2013. Thanks out to each of you for your support, love, encouragement, cheers and your voice to helping in every capacity!! I appreciate you all.

Until next time, "keep on truckin." LOL!! God Bless you all!